Jens Resch (Chords)

Jens Resch Thomason, professionally known as Chords, is a Grammy nominated Swedish producer & songwriter and has been an artist, a songwriter and a producer for over two decades. A household name in the Swedish hip hop and reggae scenes with countless of collaborations, Eps, singles and 3 solo albums, that among other things awarded him a Gold Record in Sweden. He is also a founding member of the Swedish reggae group Helt Off.

As a producer & songwriter he has worked with countless of artists including multi-Grammy Award winner Timbuktu, Seinabo Sey, Mwuana, Norwegian Grammy Award Winning artist Jarle Benhoft, Rhymesayers artist Grieves, one of Sweden’s biggest artists – Hov1 and Swedish rap pioneer Petter to name a few. All this racking up multiple gold and platinum records.