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New Found Land once again featured on Ringer!

New Found Land‘s song “Stay With me” is featured in tonights episode of CW’s show Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar. If you live in the US, make sure to watch it tonight at 9/8c or online here.

Namur featured on Ringer

Feeble Music track Conquer Me by Namur was featured on last nights episode of the CW show Ringer (featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar as a young woman on the run from the mob). The episode is avalible for streaming online (within the U.S) here.

Andi Almqvist featured on Justified

Feeble Music track Big Bad Black Dog Blues by Andi Almqvist was featured on last weeks episode of Justified on FX.


The MF/MB song “The Grand Chase” is featured in tonight’s episode of CSI:NY (9/8c). This is the third time this season you can hear a Feeble Music track in the hit CBS show. Recently Danko Jones and Suck Shaft was played in the second episode of the eight season.

The official music video for “The Grand Chase”.

Immortal Technique on Battlefield 3

The release of Battlefield 3 (Dice / EA Sports) is getting closer and we are proud to announce that the Feeble Music track “Rebel Arms” by Immortal Technique is featured in what is anticipated to be one of the biggest games of the year. Get ready for some action, release date October 25th.


New Found Land featured on Ringer

New Found Land‘s song “Foul” was featured on last nights episode of CW’s new show Ringer starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Check out the show here

Two Feeble Music tracks on CSI:NY

On tonight’s episode of CSI:NY you can hear two tracks from the Feeble Music catalog. Danko Jones rhythmic rock n’ roll track “Apology Accepted”, from their latest album Below The Belt, and “Michal”, from the Swedish electronic duo Suck Shaft.

CSI:NY, with Cary Sinise in the lead, is on it’s eight season and is still one of the biggest series on TV today. The episode will air tonight on CBS 9/8c.

Death Valley

Monday August 29th the brand new series Death Valley will premiere on MTV 10.30/9.30c. Featured in the first episode you can hear Pretty Whores – Part Of The Scene and Winnebago Deal – Poison

Don’t forget to watch the trailer which also includes Pretty Whores

Last Days Of April in MTV’s Teen Wolf

The duet with Tegan Quin, “If (Don’t Ever Blame Yourself)”, was featured in last night’s episode of Teen Wolf. Here’s a sneak peek (for American audiences only)! Download the track for free at MTV, click here!

New Found Land featured in “Real L Word”

The song “Holes” by New Found Land was featured in last Sunday’s episode of Showtime’s “Real L Word”. Listen to music by New Found Land here! Check out the brand new video for Holes below: