Three Decades of Bad Taste

Trying to recap our first 30 years as a company in a news post is about as impossible as summarizing it in a 90 second clip. Yet, here we are trying to achieve both. Over the coming months we will be highlighting some of the ups and downs from the past 3 decades on social media, from our punk rock beginnings in Kävlinge to the current iteration of BTE with its HQ in Stockholm and an ancillary office in Santa Monica, CA. What started out as a mail-order operation with little to no ambition beyond selling punk records at school & at gigs soon expanded to a makeshift record store and over the years we’ve pretty much covered all areas of the music biz – with various degrees of success (& failure) – record label, gig promoter, booking agency, publisher, sync licensing operation, festival promoter. The combined experience from all this eventually lead us down the path to Artist Management, which is where we are at today.

Between the good & the bad, the highs & lows, the fear & loathing, it’s been an absolutely incredible ride. Can’t wait to take you down memory lane with us over the coming weeks & months. Love, BTE.