Introducing SAUDA – the dynamic fusion of Kevin Faye’s soulful artistry and Anton Axelo’s genre-defying production. This music duo seamlessly blends urban influences from Gambia to Sweden, crafting a sound that transcends borders and resonates with the heartbeat of the city.

🎭 Kevin Faye 🎭
Embark on a journey with Kevin Faye, a true polymath whose roots extend from the vibrant streets of Gambia to the artistic landscapes of Sweden. From signing with Sony BMG at 14 to collaborating with industry giants that has worked with the likes of Kid Laroi and Nicki Minaj, Kevin’s versatility as an actor, artist, and songwriter shines through. With over 20 million streams on his solo project, Kevin Faye’s vocals are a soulful testament to the urban experience.

🎹 Anton Axelo 🎹
Enter the sonic architect, Anton Axelo – the Swedish music producer, songwriter, and topliner whose versatility knows no bounds. Anton’s portfolio includes global campaigns for brands like H&M and Swarovski, alongside collaborations with Grammy-nominated Mouthe and emerging talents like Maxida MΓ€rak. His ability to navigate diverse genres makes Anton the perfect sonic alchemist for the SAUDA duo.

Together, SAUDA emerges as a creative force reshaping the urban music landscape. With influences from two continents and a collective portfolio that spans established names and rising stars, SAUDA promises a musical experience that blends authenticity with innovation. This duo is set to redefine urban music with a sound that breaks barriers, defies expectations, and speaks to the heartbeat of the global city. Get ready for SAUDA – where soul meets sonic brilliance.